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Podiatry Clinic in San Mateo

We’re located in the heart of San Mateo.

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We care for your loved ones

Quality care really boils down to attention and comfort. We believe in giving you the attention you deserve, and that begins with having a clinic that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Qualified care

Dr. Gilbert K. Huang is a podiatrist who’s as talented as he his warm-hearted.

Cozy clinic

We’ve made a comfortable, relaxed environment, so that quality care is our priority.

Advanced facilities

Our clinic is equipped with all the latest and greatest technology in the podiatry field.


Dr. Huang is working day-and-night to help all his patients get the quality care they deserve.

Great support

We’ve got the best service in the business, Amber is always ready to help.

Fast results

From booking to recovery, we help you get rid of your pain with speed, precision, and care.

Award-winning medical care

We do more than just treat foot problems — We care. At West America Foot and Ankle, each an every patient gets the attention they deserve. Schedule an appointment with us today.