Work Footwear

Your feet are an essential part of your body, and when they’re healthy, they’re crucial to your job performance. If you need to stand or move for long periods, work with hazardous object or materials, or work in risky areas, your feet are at high risk of injury. The best way to avoid work-related foot injuries is by keeping your feet healthy and following safety guidelines. Wearing appropriate, protective footwear is a crucial element to keep your feet safe.

According to the National Safety Council, there are about 120,000 job-related foot injuries each year, and one-third of them are toe injuries. To reduce this number, it is crucial to develop safe work habits and attitudes and to wear protective footwear whenever it is required. Shockingly, only one in four victims of job-related foot injuries wear any type of protective footwear, while the remaining three either don’t know its benefits or find it uncomfortable.

Protective or work footwear is available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, designed specifically for certain occupations and uses. For example, thick leather boots with steel toe boxes protect your feet from falling or rolling objects. Boots with varying degrees of traction also provide adequate protection. It’s essential to match your footwear with your profession’s unique hazards to prevent injuries.

Here’s a guide from the American Podiatric Medical Association to match your occupation hazards with appropriate work footwear.

– Falling and Rolling Objects, Cuts, and Punctures: Steel-toe safety shoes with add-on devices like metatarsal guards, metal foot guards, puncture-proof inserts, and shin guards.
– Chemicals and Solvents: Footwear made of rubber, vinyl or plastic that contains synthetic stitching.

If you’re worried about getting the right protective footwear, it’s never a bad idea to consult with a specialist. Dr Gilbert Huang DPM is a qualified podiatrist with years of experience in the field. He can advise you on the right type of work footwear you need for your profession and provide additional foot care advice.

In conclusion, investing in the right protective footwear is an essential element to prevent work-related foot injuries. Follow safe work practices, and the basic foot care guidelines to keep your feet healthy and ensure your job’s productivity.

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