Intoeing (Pigeon Toes)

Intoeing, also known as pigeon toes, is a common condition where the feet point inward when walking. It is common in children and usually does not require any treatment as it resolves on its own as the child grows. However, there are cases where intoeing may cause some discomfort or have an impact on activities, and it is essential to seek medical attention.

If your child is experiencing significant tripping, difficulty with normal activity, pain, difficulty with shoes, or the intoeing is not resolving in early childhood, it is time to visit a foot and ankle surgeon. The surgeon will examine the child and determine if there are any underlying structural problems causing intoeing. If there are, the surgeon will recommend appropriate treatment.

In-toeing and out-toeing are both conditions that affect the position of the feet when walking. In-toeing happens when the feet are positioned too far inward, while out-toeing is the opposite, and the feet are positioned too far outward. Both conditions are usually observed in young children as they are learning to walk. However, by the age of two, most children outgrow these problems on their own.

For cases where the child does not outgrow the condition, verbal reminders and reassurance may be advised to make the child aware of the proper position of the foot. However, in persistent cases, children may be required to wear special shoes or foot supports to help train them to place their feet in the right position. These interventions are designed to reduce abnormal pressures on the foot structure and function while still in their formative development.

In conclusion, intoeing is a common condition that may not require treatment, but it is essential to have a foot and ankle surgeon examine the child to rule out any structural problems. If treated early, the condition is more manageable, and the child can continue with daily activities without any problem. For more information and advice, it is recommended that you see Dr Gilbert Huang DPM, a qualified foot and ankle surgeon.

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