Heel Fissures

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in your heels? One probable culprit could be heel fissures. This is a condition where the skin of your heels cracks, resulting in severe pain and even bleeding. To make matters worse, if left untreated, this condition can lead to infection and more severe foot problems. However, there are ways to prevent and treat heel fissures.

One of the leading causes of heel fissures is open-backed sandals or shoes that provide little support around the heel while walking. This type of footwear causes constant slippage and produces friction, which can damage the skin. Although open-backed shoes are in style, you should provide your feet with the necessary support to avoid developing heel fissures.

Secondly, some skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis, can also cause heel fissures. These conditions lead to the thickening of the skin, leading to heightened friction and increased chances of developing heel fissures. It is essential to understand the root cause of your heel fissures to develop the most effective treatment plan.

Fortunately, treating heel fissures is possible. An excellent way to deal with this condition is by wearing proper shoes that support your feet and protect them from rubbing against other surfaces. In addition, using deep skin moisturizers and lotions can help reduce the dryness associated with heel fissures, enabling the foot to heal. However, if the fissures persist, it’s essential to seek medical assistance from a podiatrist.

Dr Gilbert Huang DPM is a reputable podiatrist who specializes in treating a wide range of foot conditions, including heel fissures. With years of experience, he uses a personalized approach to help patients identify and overcome their foot problems. If you are concerned about your heel fissures, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with Dr Huang to assess and treat the problem.

In conclusion, heel fissures can be a painful condition that can lead to bleeding and infection. It is essential to understand the causes of this condition and take the necessary preventative measures to avoid forming heel fissures. However, if the condition persists, seeking medical treatment from a podiatrist such as Dr Gilbert Huang DPM can help you recover and get back to enjoying your foot’s full health.

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